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Paul Bush is animator and experimental filmmaker based in London. He studied fine art at Goldsmiths College, London, and has been making films since the early 1980s. He is self-taught in animation, working out of a home studio, usually independently, but collaborating with others as particular projects demand. He teaches animation part-time at the National Film and Television School. He is represented by animation commercials production company Film Club, part of the th1ng group.


His films have been screened and broadcast internationally and his feature film Babeldom was released theatrically in the UK in 2013.


In the 1990’s he was able to make a film per year and could live on income made from filmmaking, but recent funding has come from Canada, China and Switzerland, with virtually no UK based work. His personal work is self-funded, subsidised by teaching and commercial work.




He sees a significant decrease in inventive UK animation, evident at international film festivals where UK student work is still strong, but independent professional work is virtually non-existent. He attributes this to the lack of dedicated animation funding in the UK. Funds in Europe usually expect matching funding from the home country.


When he started out, Paul knew very little about the film-making process. “I’d have liked access to some basic technical information. I didn’t know what an animatic was, what frame rate to shoot films at and where to get hold of equipment.” Now, the advice that might be needed is about software and mentoring for younger animators, after they leave college.


He proposes a seed fund for UK animation, to match against international sources.


“People starting out should stick with working on what is true to them, and not bend overly to fashion, market forces or what others say. Fashions change, and there is enough commonality of human experience for all work to connect with an audience.”


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