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Karolina is based in London and rents a studio space in a creative studio hub with three other artists. She has a BA in Audiovisual Communication from the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, Poland, and graduated with an MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art in 2012.


Since graduating, Karolina has been focusing on developing her artistic practice and is currently working on a new artwork. She has been seeking out and applying to artist residencies and teaching opportunities; she has run a few art workshops for art institutions and from the experience has decided that she would like to pursue this profession alongside her artistic practice. She occasionally collaborates with musicians making animated music videos.


Her graduation film won the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012; it was shown at the Jerwood Space gallery in London and toured to venues across the UK as part of the Drawing Prize show. It was selected for a variety of international film festivals, alongside experimental and more narrative work, and Karolina had the chance to attend and participate in film markets as part of this, where she encountered other filmmakers and representatives from art institutions to discuss ideas with.


Karolina is looking to develop her practice working with 16mm and traditional hand drawing techniques. As she has an ongoing issue with her eyesight, and cannot use the conventional lightbox and pegbar method, it is essential for Karolina to experiment with alternative animation techniques in her studio space.




The Jerwood Drawing Prize was £8000 and this has bought Karolina some space and time to focus on her artistic practice. It has also brought her work to the attention of art organisations that have invited Karolina to run art workshops.




“There is nothing to lose in submitting an application – you either get a reply or you don’t. Since winning the Drawing Prize I am no longer afraid to apply to things and have developed a greater confidence in my work. Don’t be scared to try, there are opportunities out there, it’s worth giving it a go.”


“At University I found the most important things I learned were not from the tutors but from the other students. It’s interesting to see how many people help on your projects and to think about how you can continue this.”


Image: Karolina Glusiec; Velocity (2012), JAAA! – “Spook”,


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