Accelerate Animation | Methodology - Accelerate Animation Report
Our methodology for creating the Accelerate Animation Report, mapping the changing landscape of current animation practice.
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We set out to map the changing landscape of current animation practice:

To evidence the breadth of work that animators are undertaking across the creative industries

To profile the new ways in which animators collaborate and work outside of traditional models

To identify what is required to help develop and maximise the sector’s potential

The development of the Accelerate Animation programme is informed by Animate’s more than 20 years experience in working with a wide range of animation talent to make a work for cinema, broadcast, gallery and digital platforms, as well as through our ongoing discussions with artists, animators, educators, programmers and producers.


In 2011, responding to the need for a collective voice for the sector, we established the Animation Alliance UK to act as a network and focus for sharing information and discussion, to advocate for the support of independent animation in the UK, and to lobby for investment in production, training and archive. Members include animators, producers, festival and cinema programmers, researchers, and academics. Animation Alliance UK has responded to consultations by Arts Council England, BFI and DCMS, to ensure that the sector’s voice is heard.

In scoping the programme’s initial framework and aims, we worked closely with the animation team at London College of Communication. Kath Shackleton (All Animated), worked with us on the research and Amanda King advised on the report’s framework.


We undertook an online survey, interviewed 22 animators and producers about their work, and held a round table discussion with producers and academics to address some issues in more depth.


We have also drawn on comments made at Start Me Up, a public event at the Apple Store, Regent Street, London, in October 2012, to mark the launch of the Accelerate initiative and an evaluation of Test Flight, a pilot writing workshop.

3.1 Survey

The survey was live from 5 February until 8 March 2013, promoted through social media, Animation Alliance UK, and other cultural organisations. Whilst primarily aimed at animators, we were also interested to hear from producers and others with a professional interest in independent animation, so not all questions were relevant to all respondents.


We asked a range of questions about background, professional careers, independent work (self-initiated or commissioned) and about the kind of development support that respondents would find useful for themselves or for new entrants to the industry.


We received 324 responses


We spoke in more depth to 22 animators and producers about their work, experience and perspective

3.2 Profiles

We spoke in more depth to 22 animators and producers about their work, experience and perspective.


Interviewees were selected to illustrate a variety of business model, with a range of organisational scale and geographical spread.

3.3 Round table

We invited producers and representatives from higher education to take part in a discussion at Animate’s London office, courtesy ais London, on 8 March 2013.


We wanted an opportunity for a more in depth discussion about the challenges facing the sector, with a particular focus on what the transition between higher education and professional practice.

Abigail Addison, Animate Projects
Helen Brunsdon, freelance producer
Yannis Konstantinidis, NOMINT
Chris O’Reilly, Nexus Productions and Nexus Interactive Arts
Kath Shackleton, Fettle Animation, All Animated
Tim Shore, London College of Communication
Gary Thomas, Animate Projects
Paul Ward, Arts University Bournemouth

3.4 Start Me Up

We launched the Accelerate initiative with Start Me Up, a panel discussion during the London International Animation Festival in October 2012, at the Apple Store Regent Street, London.


The panel, chaired by Animate’s Abigail Addison, comprised artist Phoebe Boswell, producer Claire Spencer Cook (Nexus Interactive Arts), animator Joseph Pelling (This Is It Collective), and animator and lecturer Susi Wilkinson (London College of Communication, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design).

A transcript of the full discussion is available at the Accelerate website.

3.5 Test Flight

We ran a pilot writing workshop for six animators to develop scripts for short animated films, led by writer Tony White, and supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. The workshops involved collaborative sessions, presentations and mentoring. Industry professionals nominated potential participants as people who would benefit from the opportunity to hone their skills. Animators: Tony Comley, Stephen Irwin, Belle Mellor, Matilda Tristram, Matthew Walker and Zane Whittingham. There is information about the animators’ experience on the Accelerate website.