Accelerate Animation | Report - Accelerate Animation
The Accelerate report began to map the changing landscape of contemporary creative animation and its practitioners, who are engaged in extraordinarily diverse activities, across and between the arts and the creative media industries.
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Accelerate Report

Animation Art and Craft:

responding to the creative animation sector’s

practice and professional development needs

The recession has catalysed a lot of changes. It’s brought a need for a different type of creativity. It isn’t possible to use the hammer blow of cash to shock and awe audiences and we’ve been looking for other ways to engage with people. There’s a new sense of collaboration and that’s changed how we’re working. We’re doing projects that aren’t quite square pegs – everything now is a little bit of an odd shape and needs quite a considerable amount of negotiation – and creative negotiation – to decide what it’s going to be." - Chris O’Reilly, founder and co-director, Nexus Productions

Animate Projects has developed the Accelerate Animation programme in partnership with London College of Communication,

University of the Arts London and with support from Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

The Accelerate Report was published in 2013 with public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Click to download the Accelerate Animation Report or read the sections online below.